Beyond the first casual sex date

If your first casual sex date is successful, the online part of your dating experience can be put to rest.There is no need to keep communicating via the site unless it is
particularly convenient for you both to do so. As this is online dating, I won’t try and tell you how to run your offline love life but some of the same rules that apply online are bound to apply in the real world as well:

  •  Be yourself (but show your best side to begin with).
  •  Don’t be too aloof: if you are interested, it’s OK to say that you are.
  •  Don’t be too pushy: clearly stating your interest is enough. Let things progress slowly and gently if need be, without putting any pressure on the other person to constantly see you or speak to you.
  •  Feel free to keep seeing other people for a while if you are uncertain, but try to be honest about it rather than pretend to be exclusive.

In all cases, enjoy your xxxblackbook dating experience, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while.

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